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Why Flux Capacity? There are so many other distros out there!

While there are countless linux live cds out there, I have found few lightweight live cd's that run at a resonable speed and also few that feature the fluxbox desktop. My intent was to create a fast, fully featured live cd. For a lightweight desktop I find fluxbox to be very efficient, customizable and visually pleasing. I have custom themes included and have written custom scripts to increase usability.

Flux Capacity is a live cd disto based on Arch linux. This combination of Arch linux and Fluxbox results in a feature rich live cd that runs efficiently. I have carefully chosen programs that are lightweight, functional and have a modern interface. For laptop use I have taken advantage of some additional features in the synaptics driver:

  • Two finger scroll
  • Tap to click
  • Two finger tap to right click
  • Press F12 or both mouse buttons on a touchpad for middle click - easy for Pasting

Here are some other custom programs I've included:

I have created a simple user interface for starting and stopping some daemons.
Services Box

There is a command line utility called 'daemon' to make it easy to control daemons.

Here is a full screen shot of Flux in action.

I have also created a user interface to afpfs-ng for mounting and unmounting AFP shares.
Server List AFP Mount

What can I do with Flux Capacity

I have included programs for:

>     Web Design, including bluefish and gftp as core tools
>     NTFS write support and Antivirus scanning
>     Browsing the web, I have included scripts to install Adobe flash and Sun Java plugins.
>     Network security, I have included ettercap, dsniff, and nmap as core tools
>     General Linux system maintenance including grub and remote desktop client

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